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Aircraft battery
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Hybrid Plus

The best aircraft battery

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Main Battery

     Our battery repair and overhaul cover a wide range of aircraft main batteries from major manufacturers such as Saft, Marathon, Gill, Concorde.


 The service includes :

  - Capacity Testing

  - Deep Cycle

  - Teardown and Inspection

  - Vent valve and Temperature Sensor Testing

  - Torque adjustment of all hardware

  - Electrolyte level adjustment

  - Charging​

Emergency Power

Supply Unit (EPSU)

    Our services for EPSU cover a repair and overhaul of all DIEHL EPSU batteries

We provide our

engineering services with

customer satisfaction

   With over 25 years of engineering experience in aviation, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in aircraft engineering services. We have worked with major airlines in country. 


We can provide services for :

  - Quality Assurance Audit 

  - Technical Recording

  - Aircraft Delivery and Re-Delivery

  - Airworthiness Review

  - Minimum Equipment List Manual Revision

  - Maintenance Program Manual Revision

We provide our

engineering services with

customer satisfaction

    With long experience in aircraft battery maintenance, therefore we bring all of our knowledge, experience and expertise to our hybrid vehicle battery maintenance services with registered brand AEC Hybrid Plus.  


We provide services for ;

  - Hybrid battery testing and repair

  - Hybrid battery reconditioning

  - Hybrid battery pack rebuilds

  - Hybrid battery pack replacement


         We provide services for all hybrid vehicles on the road today and do installation at our affiliated garages near you. So please contact us for more details in order to save your time and money.

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